Dane of the Year 2019

From the Dane of the Year Committee

Date of Show: Sunday 20th October 2019
Sponsoring Club: Great Dane Club of Wales

Dane of the Year is a significant show in the Great Dane Show calendar and in order to maintain the viability of the show and keep entry fees at their present level, it has been decided by the DOTY Committee that this year’s show would be run using only one ring. This has enabled us to reduce the venue cost by only utilizing half of The Arena (formerly Cricket Hall). We thank the Management at the Connexion for agreeing to this arrangement.

This will be trialled this year by the sponsoring club, the Great Dane Club of Wales, who, as most will know use one ring at their Championship Show.

Schedules should be available by the beginning of August, where details of the new awards on offer for the first time may be seen.

We all look forward to your continued support of the Dane of the Year.

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