The Great Dane Club
Helen Laidlaw 01235 814533
The oldest Great Dane breed club in the world. Established in 1883 the club has a large membership with many overseas members.
The Northern Great Dane Club
Olivia Bates 01606 737444
The Northern Great Dane Club was established over a 100 years ago and serves the Great Dane community in northern England.
The Midland & West of England Great Dane Club
Neil Morgan 0114 236 5098
The Midland & West of England Great Dane Club serves Great Dane owners throughout the Heart of England. The club also has many overseas members.
The Scottish Great Dane Club
Cath Gilbert 01560 321095
A club for all our owners & breeders north of the border in Scotland.
The South Western Great Dane Club
Sally Lewis 01823 481959
Covers all of the counties of South West England. (Avon, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Somerset)
The East of England Great Dane Club
Janis King 01733 222273
Another of our regional clubs covering the eastern counties of England. Facebook
The Pennine Great Dane Club
Freda Parkin 0191 5847836
The youngest of the Great Dane clubs mainly covering the counties in the North East of England. Facebook
The Great Dane Club of Wales
Pat Patch 0117 956 0664 email:
A club for breed lovers living in Wales.
Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association
Marie Duckworth

One of our older clubs mainly covering but not restricted to the Home Counties