Breed Council Meeting Report – 26th March 2015

Date: 26 March 2015
Venue: The Holiday Inn, Stafford

The Great Dane Breed Council held a meeting on the Thursday the 26th March 2015 at the Holiday Inn Stafford which was attended by seven of the eight participating clubs. The office of Treasurer was due for re-election and as the present incumbent Mrs Mal Worsley did not wish to stand for re-election the nomination of Mr Patrick Jacobs for the position was voted on and agreed unanimously for a period of three years.

Among the subjects discussed were the combined judges list and the setting up of a Judges Sub-Committee for the task of administering applications for inclusion on the list. All judges CVs should be sent to the Secretary.

The subject of Colour Definition in the Breed Standard was also discussed with further input required from the Clubs.

The subject of white puppies who are both deaf and blind was discussed and a way forward sought whereby the breeders of these litters could be educated.

The possibility of merle gene testing of parents was discussed and endeavours also being made to get the message across to both breed fanciers and the general public via websites, newsletters, dog magazines and the dog press.

The Health Co-ordinator, Mrs Maria McGuinness, gave the health report which included an update from Dr Jo Dukes-McEwan at Liverpool University on the DCM research project. Dr. Jo Dukes-McEwan and Hannah Stephenson are working on the re-submission of a proposal to go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust for more funds. Clubs and individuals are actively looking for ideas for fund raising.

The condition of Inherited Myopathy was also discussed (this was formerly known as Central Core Myopathy).

Maria McGuinness informed the meeting that there was the possibility that this condition had over the years been misdiagnosed as Wobblers, the latter which can only be diagnosed by an expensive MRI scan. There was a simple genetic test for IM in the US by cheek swab costing $50. This test could be done 2 weeks after a puppy is weaned ie before they would leave for new homes. The condition is only inherited when 2 carriers are mated and testing would give breeders the chance of avoiding the passing on of the problem.

STOP PRESS: This test is now also available in the UK.

Details of the Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary for 2014 had been received and it would appear that from 18 shows with 1099 dogs recorded, 79 were reported as being affected, making 7.2%. The figures given were of questionable use as in many cases the core entry would be the same dogs.

The next Breed Council Health Day will be held at Neston at the Liverpool Small Animal Hospital on Sunday, 1st November 2015. The subjects covered would be DCM (speaker Hannah Stephenson), Inherited Myopathy and The Merle Gene. Speakers for these two topics to be advised. Details will be on the BC website as well as on club websites and in the Dog Press.

The AGM of the Breed Council took place at 2.30 pm, attended by 16 people, a slight decrease on last year. The Chairman welcomed all attendees and those Dane people that had passed away in the last 12 months were remembered. Apologies for absence were recorded and minutes of last years AGM were accepted and with no matters arising the Chairman’s, Secretary’s, Treasurer’s and Health co-ordinators reports were given with emphasise on the DCM funding.

Mr. Tony Schaanning-Ling gave the KCLC report and after the Chairman thanked him the meeting was closed at 3.10pm.