DCM – Update February 2015

There is not much to report on since the update of November 2014. We have concentrated on Danes scheduled for repeat assessment, particularly if we had identified them previously to be affected or equivocal.

Danes screened between Nov 2014 – Feb 2015

Three Great Danes have been screened by echo/blood tests etc. In addition, one Great Dane puppy has been seen by the cardiology service, referred as a clinical case with arrhythmias, which shows that continuing to Holter young Danes is indicated. We have another three Great Danes booked in the next few weeks.

In addition, we have had hearts donated from two Danes who suffered a sudden death. Their primary veterinary surgeon removed and submitted the hearts at the request of the owner. We have submitted these for evaluation by the pathologists (reports pending). Neither dog was known to have heart disease, and had not been evaluated prior to death by echo or Holter.

Funding situation

We are very grateful to the Great Dane Breed Council for the £4000 raised to continue the research while we gather data together to resubmit a grant application to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Plans to resubmit the Kennel Club Charitable Trust Application

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust had turned down the original proposal, for two major reasons:

  • They wanted the costs to be reduced (and the support raised by the Breed Council will help with this goal);
  • They required more evidence about how prevalent cardiac disease, specifically DCM is.


Funds remaining

  • Amount remaining is approximately: £1392.22 (some Holters done through primary vet surgeons may still be due to be deducted).


Note:- The foregoing is taken from the information provided by Dr Jo Dukes-McEwan at Liverpool University