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From Maria McGuinness Breed Health Co-Ordinator

I am delighted to say that the KC have agreed to our request for DNA testing for Inherited Myopathy in Great Danes this is a great move forward and something that is within our control and with careful breeding can be eradicated from our breed, so please support your breed and test, any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Regards Maria

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The following has recently been received from the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club’s Health Team would like to make you aware that following consultation with the Dog Health Group, the Kennel Club has confirmed that from 1st August 2018, any DNA health test result submitted for inclusion on its database must have at least two forms of identification on the result certificate.

It will be mandatory to include the dog’s microchip or tattoo number along with either the dog’s registered name or registered number. Any test results that do not carry these identifying features will not be accepted.

This brings the recording of DNA test results in line with those health tests carried out by the British Veterinary Association.

If you would be able to disseminate this information amongst breeders and owners in your breed it would be greatly appreciated.

Should you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact either Hannah James or another member of the Health Team.

Subject: DNA Clinic at the EACA Championship Show

Dear Breed Health Co-ordinators

I am writing to inform you of a DNA Clinic, organised by the East Anglian Collie Association (EACA) in conjunction with the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation. The clinic will be held at the EACA’s Championship Show on Sunday 2nd August at Littleport Leisure Centre, CB6 1PU, and is open to all breeds.

The DNA tests will be carried out by Animal Genetics, with some tests offered at a discounted price. Click here for further information.

Please feel free to disseminate this information amongst your breeds by any means you deem appropriate.

If you have any queries with regards to the clinic, please contact Pat Hutchinson (tel. 01954231115, email: ).

Kind regards

Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne

Health and Breeder Research Assistant
The Kennel Club

Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary 2014 – Great Dane

19th March 2015

Dear Mrs Maria McGuinness,

Re: Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary 2014 Great Dane

As part of the enhancements to Breed Watch, from January 2014 the Kennel Club has collected health & welfare information from all Judges with appointments for Category 2 & 3 breeds as a mandatory requirement. Following appointments the breed Judge is required to complete the mandatory health monitoring form and return to the Kennel Club. Further information relating to the health monitoring process and health monitoring forms can be found here.

Attached is the annual Judge’s health monitoring summary for your breed for 2014. The information shows what conditions Judges have reported at present in the breed and the number of dogs in their entry that displayed the condition. The information only includes shows where breed watch points of concern were noted by the Judge. Of the 43 shows with completed reports in 2014, 14 noted at least one BreedWatch point of concern.

The Kennel Club has provided the Breed Health Co-ordinator, the Breed Club(s) and if applicable the Breed Council with the information. If you have any questions in relation to the Judge’s health monitoring annual summary or any other aspects of Breed Watch please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details provided below.

Yours sincerely

Charlotte McNamara

Canine Health Advisor



The recent change to the Great Dane Stud Book Banding from “D” to “C” is fully understood as it should reduce the number of “inferior quality” exhibits obtaining their Stud Book Numbers, i.e.:- only 1st and 2nd in Open and 1st in Limit qualify for SB entry. However, with this change, comes the recommendation that the number of “hands on” (h/o) dogs required to be judged in order that a judge may be placed on the A3 List is 110, with the B List 20% of that number i.e. 22.

Until the end of 2013, Great Danes had been in Band “E” for over 20 years, with the number of h/o at 250. The B List therefore 50. The BC/Clubs had collectively agreed some years ago that the A3/B List numbers should be 200/60 respectively and the criteria reflects that. The change to Band “C” took effect in January 2014 when the recommended h/o number became 160. The B List therefore 32.

As noted above, January 2015 saw the recommended h/o reduced yet again, which effectively equates to a reduction in the experience required to be considered to award CC’s for the first time of 56%.  All in the space of 1 year!!!

Aligned to this is, that in order to judge more than 3 classes of the breed at Open Shows, a judge must be situate on a Breed Club B List. Breed Councils/ Breed Clubs will still be able to retain their current criteria, although the KC have previously recommended “that the Breed Council give due consideration in reviewing its A3 & B criteria numbers in the future.”

February 2015

Breed Watch Education Day’s 2015

The following has been received from the Kennel Club if you wish to attend or have any questions please contact Charlotte as indicated below.

Dear Breed Health Co-ordinators,

Charlotte McNamara, the Canine Health Advisor in the Kennel Club’s Breed Shows team, has asked me to let you know about the Breed Watch Education Days for 2015, which are open to all. The education days will be held at the Kennel Club building in Coventry on the 15th of February and the 11th October.

For more information on the days, or to book tickets please click here. If you have any questions or queries then please email .

Kind regards,

Nick Sutton
Health Information Officer
The Kennel Club

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BVA/KC Eye Scheme cost changes

Dear Breed Health Coordinators,

Did you know that testing dogs over the age of 8 under the BVA/KC Eye Scheme is £21 cheaper? (normal cost for single dogs is £52 including VAT). Testing older dogs is a great assessment of the dog’s eye health, including picking up late onset or progressive eye conditions in any breed – both inherited and non-inherited.

The scheme is available for all dogs and dog breeds (not just those on Schedule A).

Click here for more information on the BVA website.

Kind regards,

Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne
Health Information Administrator
The Kennel Club

Breeder Education – Sharing knowledge on healthy, happy dogs

Dear Breed Health Co-ordinators,

In April I sent an e-mail regarding The Kennel Club/ Royal Canin Breeder Education seminars and thought that you may like to know that places are still available at each of the days. The cost of each day is £25, which includes morning and afternoon refreshments, a buffet lunch and a delegate bag.

Information on the locations of the 8 remaining seminars and the topics being discussed can be found here

Please feel free to distribute this information amongst your breed and if you would like us to send you any paper flyers for distribution, then please let me know.

If you would like any further information regarding this year’s seminars, then please contact my colleague Fay ().

Kind regards,

Nick Sutton
Health Information Officer
The Kennel Club
Tel: 0844 463 3980 (extension 323)
Fax: 020 7518 1028

The Kennel Club and Royal Canin seminars on health issues

Breeder Education Seminars – Sharing knowledge on healthy, happy dogs

The Kennel Club and Royal Canin are welcoming dog breeders to a stimulating series of educational seminars on health issues, breeding practices and scientific developments which will help breeders and their puppy rearing programmes.
A number of highly regarded professionals in the world of canine health will be taking part in these seminars.

The cost of each day is £25, and for Assured Breeders is only £20 per person, which includes morning refreshments, a buffet lunch, afternoon refreshments and a delegate pack.

Details for the next seminar:

When: 19th & 20th July
Where: Nottingham Vet School
What: Saturday 19th July

Speaker One: Dr Tom Lewis – The science behind Mate Select and population Genetics principles
Speaker Two: Professor Gary England – Reproduction and fertility in the bitch
Speaker Three: Professor Gary England – Reproduction in the male dog and artificial insemination
Speaker Four: Mr Alex German – Obesity in pets – what dog owners need to know

Sunday 20th July
Speaker One: Mr Nick Sutton – Common canine poisons – Common risks for poisoning in dogs
Speaker Two: Ms Eleanor Raffen – Diabetes in dogs
Speaker Three: Dr Nicholas Bexfield – Understanding liver disease in dogs
Speaker Four: Dr Nicholas Bexfield – Canine tumours; an overview of some common types and breed predispositions

Further speakers to be announced soon.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

The Kennel Club