The Kennel Club and Royal Canin seminars on health issues

Breeder Education Seminars – Sharing knowledge on healthy, happy dogs

The Kennel Club and Royal Canin are welcoming dog breeders to a stimulating series of educational seminars on health issues, breeding practices and scientific developments which will help breeders and their puppy rearing programmes.
A number of highly regarded professionals in the world of canine health will be taking part in these seminars.

The cost of each day is £25, and for Assured Breeders is only £20 per person, which includes morning refreshments, a buffet lunch, afternoon refreshments and a delegate pack.

Details for the next seminar:

When: 19th & 20th July
Where: Nottingham Vet School
What: Saturday 19th July

Speaker One: Dr Tom Lewis – The science behind Mate Select and population Genetics principles
Speaker Two: Professor Gary England – Reproduction and fertility in the bitch
Speaker Three: Professor Gary England – Reproduction in the male dog and artificial insemination
Speaker Four: Mr Alex German – Obesity in pets – what dog owners need to know

Sunday 20th July
Speaker One: Mr Nick Sutton – Common canine poisons – Common risks for poisoning in dogs
Speaker Two: Ms Eleanor Raffen – Diabetes in dogs
Speaker Three: Dr Nicholas Bexfield – Understanding liver disease in dogs
Speaker Four: Dr Nicholas Bexfield – Canine tumours; an overview of some common types and breed predispositions

Further speakers to be announced soon.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

The Kennel Club

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