Assured Breeders Scheme – Hip Scoring

The Breed Council is pleased to announce that its submission to the Kennel Club proposing that Hip Scoring be changed from a “Requirement” (i.e. mandatory) to “Recommended” (i.e. optional) for Breeding Stock under the Assured Breeders Scheme has been successful.  The Clubs have been aware of this issue for some considerable time and the proposal has been discussed at Club level and they have had the opportunity to gather the opinions of their members.

The proposal was reviewed by the Genetics and Health Screening Sub-Group of the KC Health Group and is endorsed by Professor Jeff Sampson and The General Committee.

The change comes into being on 1st July 2012 and ABS Members will now have the option of either Hip Scoring breeding stock should they wish, or not to do so, thereby eliminating the risks that exist with the use of anaesthesia required for scoring.

It was apparent that many breeders were not prepared to join the ABS with scoring being mandatory and with the change the Breed Council sincerely hopes that it will encourage those breeders to now become members.  They would thank all those people who have had their dog’s hip scored as this data has contributed to proving that we do not have a HD problem in our breed.