Breed Council Meeting Report – 3rd October 2013

Date: 3 October 2013
Venue: The Holiday Inn, Stafford

The Breed Council held a meeting on Thursday 3rd October at The Holiday Inn, Stafford. Of the eight member Clubs, all were present apart from The Scottish GDC, who sent their apologies for their absence. After the regular items on the agenda – Apologies, Minutes of the previous meeting, Matters arising, correspondence and Treasurer’s report, the KCLCBC delegate reported on their previous meeting. Areas covered were: Non-standard colours (Annex A), Training Board (Annex B), Transfer of ownership (Annex C) and The Great Dane Club of Wales proposal to amend the rules governing Special Awards Events (Annex D). This received the support of the KCLCBC and has been forwarded to the next level for their decision. An area of concern was highlighted about the inclusion on the KC Breed Watch of conformational defects of the upper and lower eye lids (loose eye lids). The BC will write to the KC for guidance. Next the BC Health Co-ordinator reported on the recent Health Day, which was very successful resulting in a profit of £153.00. Disappointment was registered by a lack of “newer” Daneites at the event. It is proposed to run another Health Day in 2015 and all are invited to suggest subjects for inclusion through their respective Clubs. Hannah Stevenson was then invited in to give a report on the DCM project and how the research would carry on after she left the university. Hannah assured the delegates that it would continue unchanged at Liverpool but with the advantage of her being able to use a mobile scanner allowing her to scan 6 to 8 dogs a day at venues around the country. Costs would be about the same as they have been but with the mobility giving the opportunity to scan more Danes the initial finance, raised by the clubs and the KC charitable trust, will need to be topped up. Discussion continued on three topics – Breed Council Constitution, Combined Judges List (New applicants and updates were considered and where necessary voted upon) and Standard for Great Dane Colours with particular emphasis on the wording and its relevance to today’s Danes. All the above is available from both the BC website and from the participating Clubs.