Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary 2014 – Great Dane

19th March 2015

Dear Mrs Maria McGuinness,

Re: Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary 2014 Great Dane

As part of the enhancements to Breed Watch, from January 2014 the Kennel Club has collected health & welfare information from all Judges with appointments for Category 2 & 3 breeds as a mandatory requirement. Following appointments the breed Judge is required to complete the mandatory health monitoring form and return to the Kennel Club. Further information relating to the health monitoring process and health monitoring forms can be found here.

Attached is the annual Judge’s health monitoring summary for your breed for 2014. The information shows what conditions Judges have reported at present in the breed and the number of dogs in their entry that displayed the condition. The information only includes shows where breed watch points of concern were noted by the Judge. Of the 43 shows with completed reports in 2014, 14 noted at least one BreedWatch point of concern.

The Kennel Club has provided the Breed Health Co-ordinator, the Breed Club(s) and if applicable the Breed Council with the information. If you have any questions in relation to the Judge’s health monitoring annual summary or any other aspects of Breed Watch please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details provided below.

Yours sincerely

Charlotte McNamara

Canine Health Advisor

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