Response to KC on Consultations Over CC Allocation

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Dear Mr Thomas

Kennel Club Consultation on Challenge Certificate Allocation

I write in response to your letter dated 13th May 2013. Although not requested by the
KC the Great Dane Breed Council believe it is of paramount importance that we support and reiterate the stance being taken by the Great Dane Breed clubs on this very serious matter. Our letter is in support of individual letters from the Breed Clubs.

At this time of financial restraint we are unable to see any logical reason for the removal of any sets of CC’s and can only see this as a retrograde step for the breed. This can only be detrimental to the future of both exhibitors and the show societies. In your response to our Chairman Mr T Lewis’ letter dated 18th May it was stated that it was because of decreasing exhibitor numbers. It is felt that this does not make sense when it seems that the CC’s to be removed from the larger numerical breeds are to be given to the much smaller numerical breeds.

It is our strong belief that the KC should be supporting the breed clubs and show societies in their efforts to increase entries back to the numbers previously enjoyed. We sincerely request that the KC rethink the situation on the allocation of CC’s, but should you insist on implementation we below list in order of preference the shows suggested by our participating clubs together with the reasoning behind the choices made. You will see there are more than three shows listed but we feel it is important that all choices be put forward.

A proposal was also received regarding a rotational system whereby a number of shows would lose CCs for Great Danes in rotation. With this system we could bring CCs back in rotationally for shows such as Paignton, East of England and Manchester who have already lost them in recent years.

Driffield Agricultural Society or Darlington Dog Show Society
These two shows are geographically close (18 miles) and held less than a week apart with numerically low entries.

Blackpool & District Canine Society
Due to the venue’s exposed location in recent years there have been serious health and safety issues due to extreme weather conditions with some cancellation.

Ladies Kennel Association
The Venue now has expensive parking and also winter time of year cited as off putting – declining entries and also another Midlands show venue.

Border Union Agricultural Society
Scotland has two sets of CCs at SKC, one set at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland and one set at Border Union. This is numerically a large number for that area given the number of exhibitors in the area. Declining entry

Scottish Kennel Club (August)
The same reasons given as Border Union, with low entries and also the large number of
Championship shows in August

City of Birmingham Canine Society
There are a high number of shows in the Midlands and the point was made that the
inside rings are noisy and not so pleasant in the summer as outside rings.

South Wales Kennel Association
Low entries and also many exhibitors complain of the journey to Builth Wells

Richmond Dog Show Society
Number of shows in southern area and decreasing entries.

Yours sincerely

Olivia Bates, Secretary