Great Dane Breed Council Meeting – Monday 26th September 2016

The Great Dane Breed Council held its autumn meeting on Monday 26th September 2016 at the Holiday Inn Stafford and was attended by delegates from seven of the eight participating clubs. The meeting was chaired by Tony Pearce.

Breed Health Co-ordinator Maria McGuinness gave an update on the DCM Research Project and shared the excellent news that the re-application to the KC Charitable Trust for funding which had been made by Liverpool University in conjunction with the Breed Council, has been successful and the sum of £42,000 has been granted.

As already agreed another Breed Council Health Day will be held in the autumn 2017. Clubs and their members are asked that any subjects considered suitable for discussion should be brought to the attention of Maria McGuinness. Further details will be available in due course.

The BC Health Sub-Committee also gave details of the launch by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust of the “Give a Dog a Genome” project.

Great Danes are included in the initial 50 breeds that signed up to the Give a Dog a Genome project.

Tony Schaanning-Ling gave the KCLC report of the last meeting held in May. He advised that he was to continue as Chairman of the KCLC for a further three years.

Other subjects covered were a proposed inclusion in Club Show Schedules and Catalogues of the KC Code of Conduct in relation to Social Media; Judging lists and Criteria and the feasibility of producing a video/film on our breed standard for the KC Academy as part of the education of up and coming judges.